Accueil  〉 European cooperation  〉 Local and regional democracy  〉 FEDRE facilitates exchange and dialogue between local democracy actors from Albania and Switzerland

As part of the SDC-funded “LëvizAlbania / Local Democracy in Action” program, representatives of the associations involved in the project conducted a three-day visit to Geneva (1-3 June 2017) with the aim of exchanging experiences on the challenges of local democracy with representatives of the City of Geneva and the civil society.

Switzerland is one of the main contributors in Albania to help local government. Through LevizAlbania, Switzerland promotes and mobilizes civil society in order to play a more active role in increasing the quality of local government. It supports the transition of the country and helps to make the democratic system and the market economy more efficient, to ensure social inclusion, while supporting the European integration of Albania.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), supports actions to strengthen local democracy, democratization and decentralization in Albania. The goal is to improve services for citizens.

Photo : representatives of Albanian civil society, received by the European Foundation FEDRE, are welcomed by the Mayor of Geneva Rémy Pagani for meetings of exchanges of experiences aiming at improving services for the citizens. From left to right: Mr Klodjan Seferaj, Project Manager, Open Society Foundation for Albania, Mr Andi Gjonej, FEDRE expert, Mr Claude Haegi, President of FEDRE, Mrs Valbona Kuko, Project leader ‘LëvizAlbania’ , Mrs. Juliana Hoxha, Director “Partners Albania”, Mr. Andi Dobrushi, Director “Open Society Foundation for Albania”; Mr Dritan Shutina, Co-Plan Director, Mr Rezar Balla, Media and Communications Officer ‘LëvizAlbania’ Mrs Elda Kalaja, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager ‘LëvizAlbania’, Mrs Orjada Tare, project funding manager ‘LëvizAlbania’ and François Saint- Ouen, lecturer, FEDRE expert.