Alpine Diamond

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The Alpine Diamond is a particular program of the FEDRE for the Alpine Region of the Geneva-Lyon-Turin triangle (French-speaking cantons, Alpine departments and their Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Piemont and Valle d’Aosta regions, which we would like to develop. We have dedicated a site to it:

n front of the Alpine chain and its summit, the highest in Europe, we are in front of a symbol of nature, on a unique territory in the world, in spite of the melting of glaciers caused by global warming. Its potential for sustainable development is considerable. Because of the altitude, we are more affected than elsewhere by global warming, and we should be able to raise public awareness and take measures to slow it down.


FEDRE is intensifying its commitment to energy efficiency research. It is mobilizing for a reduction in consumption thanks to high-performance installations and the autonomy of new positive energy buildings.

FEDRE cooperates with the main production, distribution and maintenance companies of the “Alpine Diamond” energy sector.


Wood sector

We are interested in the entire wood industry, from the forest with its environmental and protective virtues, to the most diverse constructions and manufactures.

Forests, often straddling borders, are generally under-exploited for essentially economic reasons, while wood is imported from far away. How can their exploitation be made more attractive?





We stand alongside partners of historical innovation platforms such as MIND, a partner of CERN and CEA, which mobilize their strengths for innovation projects through use, particularly in the field of health, mobility or energy, the idea being to rethink the uses and approach a new method of creation.