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Local and regional democracy in the Balkans

FEDRE has been very active in the Balkans for the past few years, where it has been contributing to the creation and consolidation of networks of local and regional economic and political stakeholders. FEDRE has also been trying to unite the new networks of local initiatives, which it belongs to, such as the Agencies for Local Democracy (ADL) or the National Associations of Local Authorities of South-Eastern Europe (NALAs), with other existing networks.

Energy and sustainable development

FEDRE reminds us of the basic choices which need to be made between sources of energy according to their compatibility with the concept of sustainable development. It appeals to decision-makers to integrate environmental considerations in their thoughts and actions, as building blocks of our market economy. Since 2001, FEDRE has been organizing international forums on energy, in particular sustainable energy.

Cities and Nature

Ideally, urban agglomerations should not be too extensive and should be surrounded by natural areas, for their best balance. Geneva and its urbanized Franco-Swiss crossborder area are surrounded by French mountain areas, the Jura and the Mont Salève. At the Salève, FEDRE pilots a programme named « Le Salève autrement » (Salève in another way), which aims at reinforcing public transportation (buses and the cable-car) to reduce car traffic and enhance the visitors’ enjoyment of nature.